U+02BB enters the Solar System

From: Karl Pentzlin (karl-pentzlin@acssoft.de)
Date: Mon Sep 22 2008 - 05:10:25 CDT

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    On http://www.iau.org/public_press/news/release/iau0807/ ,
    the IAU (International Astronomical Union) publishes a press release
    of 2008-09-17 "IAU names fifth dwarf planet Haumea".

    There, also the names of two moons of this dwarf planet are announced,
    the larger of them being named Hiʻiaka (after a Hawaiian goddess).

    It is pleasant to see that this name is in fact spelled correctly in
    the recent version of that press release, including U+02BB as the
    correct encoding for the Hawaiian ʻokina.
    This even is done in the plain text file downloadable from that
    site, which is UTF-8 encoded.

    Thus we have now a celestial body which is officially given a name
    which requires Unicode to be spelled correctly, rather than simply
    ASCII (aka ISO 646) or ISO 8859-1.

    - Karl Pentzlin

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