Re: gamma as a phonetic symbol

From: Julian Bradfield (
Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 - 14:50:27 CDT

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    In article <> Jim Allan <> writes:

    >The IPA phi symbol exists as U+0278.

    Oops, thanks.

    >The Greek symbols chi and theta are very much less typographically

    As I remarked to Jukka, this is a relatively recent change in the
    standard glyph for chi. But yes, I would agree that the form in the
    current IPA Handbook is much more greek.

    >The normal letter discussed in respect to standard differences between
    >IPA and Greek typography is beta, because the standard Greek beta lacks
    >a serif while the phonetic symbol is supposed to have one, except
    >possibly in a sans-serif font. Apparently this difference actually
    >bothers hardly anyone, including yourself it would seem.

    Only because I'm usually more concerned by its frequent mis-typing as
    an esszet!

    >As to gamma, the v with a loop on its bottom used for phonetic use seems
    >to be to be very different from the normal Greek gamma.

    If you look at some other serifed phonetic typefaces, you'll find a
    less ugly version than the one in the IPA Handbook. However, you and
    Jukka agree on this, so I appear to be outnumbered in my intuition.

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