Re: Proposal for .gb (great britain) suffix & alteration of the k alphabet in .uk

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Date: Wed Oct 01 2008 - 20:12:12 CDT

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    On 2008.09.29, 19:49, Meeku <> wrote:

    > Based on this I would like to offer this proposal to
    > (1) Create .gb (Great Britain) suffixes
    > (2) Alter the k alphabet in .uk suffixes to क thus .uk alters to .uक

    While this is still the best trolling ever, I advise Meeku (but shouldn’t
    it be Meeकu?) to not overlook the IANA (ISO 3166) ccTLDs for Kyghizstan,
    Kenya, Cambodia, Kiribati, the Comoros, St. Kitts and Nevis, both Koreas,
    Kuwait, the Cayman Islands, Kazakhstan, the Cook Islands, Denmark, the
    Falklands, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Pakistan, Slovakia, and

    Then off to crossword puzzle magazine publishers, scrabble game board
    manufactors, and producers of letter-shaped instant noodles.

    Please come back when you're through.

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