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Date: Fri Oct 03 2008 - 08:03:56 CDT

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    Quoting "Debbie Garside" <>:

    > Hi
    > I have a pretty obscure question about Unicode and how it is used to render
    > characters when printed.
    > Can you tell me how a character such as an 'i' has space within it and
    > around it but also joins the dot within the 'i' . Is this part of the
    > encoding and how is it created within each character? Is there a piece of
    > code within Unicode that tells an application where not to print?

    The short answer is that this has nothing directly to do with the
    unicode standard itself - regarding "i" this is the unicode number 68
    in base 16. Giving letters, characters, and punctuation marks numbers
    is very useful. Computers store numbers- the email you sent consisits
    of numbers not letters, having a uni(versal) (number) code = unicode
    is a good way to do this.

    > What I am after is to see if there is the ability to be able to tell an
    > application to behave in a certain manner when it hits the space within or
    > around a character and before it hits the next character.

    Yes there a many ways to do this - in text the main way to do this is
    by a font. Fonts can include information such as how much space to
    leave between letters (the most basic being called a kerning pair) and
    more advanced features like ligatures where several letters or symbols
    may be combined and treated in many respects is if they were one symbol

    John Knightley

    > From this you can tell I am neither a software developer or Unicode expert
    > so responses in words of one or two syllables please :-)
    > Hopes this makes sense
    > Debbie
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