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Date: Fri Oct 03 2008 - 09:37:32 CDT

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    That has to do with fonts, not encoding, per se, Debbie.

    Fonts are 'self-spacing' - in other words, each font comes with its own
    built-in spacing set as witness to the font designer's taste (or lack of
    taste!), but you can generally override that and change toe spacing by
    adjusting it within your chosen typesetting or word-processing
    application - even MSWord can do it!

    The technical term for that is 'kerning', but don't worry about the
    term, as lay users commonly do it ajdust spacing) without ever learning
    the term for it.

    For example, to change the default kerning of 'i' in a MSWord doc, just
    highlight it and the two characters on other side of it, use the toolbar
    at the top of the screen to choose FORMAT, then FONT, then CHARACTER
    SPACING, then play with it for a while, monitoring the results, as you
    toggle between NORMAL, CONDENSED and EXPANDED (by whatever spacing you
    set in the box to the right).

    If there is a way to pre-set an application to do it automatically for
    selected characters only, which seems to be what you want, if I
    understand what you say (below) correctly, then I'd be glad to hear of it.

    Does this help?

    Scríobh Debbie Garside:
    > Hi
    > I have a pretty obscure question about Unicode and how it is used to render
    > characters when printed.
    > Can you tell me how a character such as an 'i' has space within it and
    > around it but also joins the dot within the 'i' . Is this part of the
    > encoding and how is it created within each character? Is there a piece of
    > code within Unicode that tells an application where not to print?
    > What I am after is to see if there is the ability to be able to tell an
    > application to behave in a certain manner when it hits the space within or
    > around a character and before it hits the next character.
    > >From this you can tell I am neither a software developer or Unicode expert
    > so responses in words of one or two syllables please :-)
    > Hopes this makes sense
    > Debbie
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