Olympic Rings Symbol?

From: Leo Broukhis (leob@mailcom.com)
Date: Sun Oct 19 2008 - 00:09:57 CDT

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    Hi, everybody!

    While perusing
    http://std.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/docs/n3514.pdf (Soccer Ball symbol
    proposal) I've noticed that on Fig. 4c (page 3) there is an Olympic
    rings symbol in the same context as the proposed - and accepted by the
    UTC - soccer ball symbol, making it at least as suitable for encoding,
    if not more, given its international recognition and appeal.
    I find it surprising that it was never* discussed on this list, unless
    it is assumed by everybody that an attempt to deal with the Olympic
    symbolic without the initiative or pre-approval by the IOC will cause
    more trouble than it's worth.

    What are your thoughts?


    *) The search for "olympic rings" on http://www.unicode.org/mail-arch/
    returned nothing.

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