Re: Encoding of Teuthonista: Diacritics in parentheses

From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Fri Oct 31 2008 - 14:38:54 CST

> KP> When it comes to encoding on Teuthonista:
> KP>
> To be a little bit more about Teuthonista:
> Someone looking at the presented parts may have the impression that
> there is a "fancy" system which leaves the realm of plain text.

Teuthonista is a "fancy system" indeed :-)

Looking at the Vokaltrapez in the Handbuch at page 11 makes me wonder
whether _any_ dialectologist, even with a very fine ear can distinguish
between 229 (! [11x20+9]) full-fledged vowels (i.e. not counting the schwas
and the reduced vowels!). More than ca. nine degrees of openness are not
sensibly describable, Teuthonista offers twenty-one.

However, the sensibility of a writing system is not to be judged by
encoders. Whether (and how) it's encodeable in the current system, on the
other hand, is. So this should be discussed here.

The system might even _seem_ like a troll, but it is supposedly indeed used
in German dialectology.


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