Re: Question about the directionality of "Old Hungarian" (document N3531)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Nov 04 2008 - 03:14:30 CST

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    On 4 Nov 2008, at 08:09, Kent Karlsson wrote:

    >>> I know. That is why there is a loophole, but only a loophole,
    >>> in the bidi algorithm. It covers (badly) Old Italic, which is
    >>> encoded as LTR, when overriden as RTL to (sometimes, only
    >>> sometimes, using some as yet unheard of higher-level-protocol
    >>> mechanism; I can imagine them, just haven't seen any) produce
    >>> mirrored glyphs for the Old Italic letters.
    >> "The font" is supposed to do that. We've always been told this.
    > But if the bidi algorithm says not to mirror, the font [handling
    > system] should not start to mirror. The mirroring is governed by the
    > bidi algorithm. If the font mirrors glyphs anyway, it's simply a
    > flawed font.

    You say this with a lot of conviction. I don't think you're right

    Michael Everson *

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