RE: Solutions to the IDN Problems Discussed

From: Ruszlan Gaszanov (
Date: Tue Nov 04 2008 - 05:34:33 CST

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    > There is a problem with solution #1 - it already
    > exists :) though for semi-ASCII language and
    > Internationalised domain names it does not work :(
    > because I visited this website
    > and did  an experiment
    > with total-ASCII language domain names and the
    > punycode representation was the same as the domain
    > name.  Thus there is a problem with punycode machine
    > code presently, as it "cheats" and does not "code" the
    > total-ASCII language domain names like it does with
    > semi-ASCII language and Internationalised domain
    > names.

    Dear Meeku,

    What you apparently fail to understand is that punycode is simply a way to
    encode extended Unicode characters using the limited character set of
    traditional DNS protocol, which is inheritantly ASCII-based.

    Any other implementation would be incompatible with existing DNS
    infrastructure and requires developing a completely new name-lookup protocol
    as well as setting up a parallel server infrastructure. Since such protocol
    would be fundamentally incompatible with any existing internet applications,
    new software will have to be developed. This would practically mean
    creating a second Internet.

    Considering the cost and time requirements of such a project, as well as all
    the confusion and inconveniences the transition would cause, I do not really
    believe the user community would benefit from it. In any case this kind of
    project is quite beyond the mandates of either ICANN or Unicode Consortium.



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