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Date: Wed Nov 05 2008 - 23:16:35 CST

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    > De : "Mark Davis" <>
    > > The table of mappings that I used above is at:
    > > I would
    > > appreciate any feedback on better choices that I can incorporate into that
    > > table. Some of the above above could definitely stand improvement:
    > > especially the capitals K, P, L, and G, and lowercase t, k, g, and h. I also
    > > need to add digits and common punctuation.

    Some suggestions for the "pixel-mirrored" versions of:
    - "G" : use a capital open O (U+0186) and short horizontal stroke overlay (U+0335)
    - "g" : use a subscript 9 digit (U+2089)
    - "h" : use a greek lambda "λ" (U+03BB)
    - "K" : use a ">" and, either a combining vertical bar overlay (not encoded? see below), or two combining vertical
    ticks above and below (U+02C8 U+02CC)
    - "k" : same thing using a single guillemot right "›" (U+203A) instead of ">"
    - "L" : use a box-drawing character (U+2518), or very low tone letter modifier (U+02E9)
    - "P" : use a paragraph sign "¶" (U+00B6)
    - "t" : use a lower half of integral (U+2321), and a combining short bar (U+0335)

    I think it's strange that the vertical bar overlay (and the double vertical bar overlay) is not encoded at all as a
    diacritic, when there are two horizontal stroke overlays and two oblique stroke overlays. I think it has
    applications at least in mathematics symbols, and in some locally customized currency units. May be I have missed

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