RE: Punycode at ASCII for IDN & MDN via Y2K Project Management

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Date: Tue Nov 11 2008 - 14:20:16 CST

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    > Subject: RE: Punycode at ASCII for IDN & MDN via Y2K Project Management
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    > Date: Tuesday, 11 November, 2008, 9:36 AM

    > .......... without messing up the registrations that
    > have been there for decades.

    The proposal is for new registrations, why twist the issue? Previous registrations would become sort after learning curve developments like I said to you.

    > ASCII is also *machine code* for goodness sake! You just do
    > not see it as machine code because virtually all software
    > knows how to translate it to something you can read. Any
    > information stored on computers and transmitted over digital
    > networks is *machine code* - it is only a matter of whether
    > your software can present this or that machine code in
    > human-readable form or not.

    You are putting a molecular backend eye to ASCII, when you know quite well we are discussing from a user and practical layer, see That image shows you "Complete set of printable ASCII characters" and the letters are roman/latin based letters. These and a few symbols are what the frontend internet/web user sees / is able to see at the frontend layer. I am concerned about the nepotistic network that has developed where a shortcut is being given to ASCII roman/latin character based language at the frontend layer however for the non-ASCII based languages the user gets an almost backend / machine code service. Thus the proposal is to give a equal field where all users get a frontend layer service. This proposal also would bring about MDN (Multilingual Domain Names) an issue that you are totally ignoring.

    > can't just update
    > existing registrations to new format instantly on millions
    > of DNS servers all over the World operated by different
    > organizations. If ICANN starts doing that, the whole
    > domain-name-lookup infrastructure will submerge in complete
    > chaos for months, which would render the Internet virtually
    > unusable.

    However you are accusing without any technical basis and all your arguments are FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Despair). You know that IDN is based on ASCII machine code thus non-IDN / ASCII registrations should also use ASCII machine code. You want ASCII at the frontend however you should not have a nepotistic service, quite the opposite you need to implement an equal service to all users at the frontend layer. Thus you need to put the equal service for all users not that you give one user class a poor frontend layer that's almost backend machine code and another class a rich frontend layer. Then there is a class that want MDN (Multilingual Domain Names) however you are basically say don't give them any service. Thus your proposal is a nepotism one where only close conspiratorial charactered friends get a real frontend service and those that are not have to become close conspiratorial charactered friends. This is then your goal at the internet/web, it
     also then also related to your passive/active goal beyond internet/web technical activities.




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