Re: meaning of "two-level" in Han unification

From: Julian Bradfield (
Date: Mon Nov 17 2008 - 12:01:11 CST

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    On 2008-11-17, John H. Jenkins <> wrote:

    > As for the two characters in row six of Table 12-5 (U+70BA and U+7232,
    > which both, BTW, have the same indexing radical, as they're both found
    > under the fire radical),

    Not according to Unihan.txt, which lists U+70BA under radical 86 (fire)
    and U+7232 under radical 87 (claw), in both Unicode and the KangXi

    > they're probably not the best example since
    > they're separately encoded, owing to the source separation rule, if
    > nothing else. And, arguably, they have a different abstract shape,
    > too. They are, however, treated as z-variants in CCCII. Probably the
    > best thing to do is to simply ignore the example because it's a bad
    > one. In fact, just ignore Table 12-5 altogether because it really
    > isn't making a clear point.

    I was coming to that conclusion!

    > A better pair of characters with the same abstract shape but different
    > actual shape would be U+8AAA and U+8AAC. (They're separated because
    > of the source-separation rule.)


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