Re: Why people still want to encode precomposed letters

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Wed Nov 19 2008 - 05:39:55 CST

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    Well, "precomposed glyph" is not the same thing as "dynamic combining
    mark positioning". While noting that, I also note that NamedSequences are
    not at all sufficient for figuring out which character sequences should have
    a "precomposed glyph".

        /kent k

    Den 2008-11-19 11.44, skrev "Andrew West" <>:

    > 2008/11/18 Kenneth Whistler <>:
    >> Andrew West responded:
    >>> <>
    >> To which my comment is assuredly not. Unicode named sequences
    >> are not nor have they ever been intended to serve as
    >> guidance for font developers about what glyphs should or should
    >> not be supported for fonts.
    > UAX 34 (which you wrote) would seem support your confident assertion
    > that named sequences are not intended to act as guidance for font
    > developers. But I wonder how widely accepted this orthodoxy is amongst
    > UTC members.
    > For example, on Saturday 10th September 2005 Mark Davis wrote on the
    > Unicode list <>
    > :
    > "I think we are in agreement on named sequences; they should give
    > guidance to font developers as to which char sequences may need a
    > precomposed glyph."
    > Perhaps in the intervening three years his understanding of named
    > sequences has changed, but this statement on the public Unicode list
    > by the president of the Unicode Consotium has certainly informed my
    > understanding of what named sequences are about.
    > Andrew

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