Re: Why people still want to encode precomposed letters

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Tue Nov 25 2008 - 02:44:39 CST

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    On 25 Nov 2008, at 06:17, Erkki I. Kolehmainen wrote:

    >> If one puts diacritical marks on top of "ij", then the dots should be
    > removed...
    > In most cases, yes. The Lithuanian accented letters, however, are an
    > exception. That is the reason why some of them have had to be
    > constructed as
    > named sequences.

    The snipped context refers to math...

    But if there would ever be a successor to the current Unicode set, it
    might be best to represent characters in atomic components that are
    combined: a sufficiently advanced program can recognize and typeset
    special combinations.


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