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Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 18:55:29 CST

Quoting "Andrew West" <>:

> 2008/12/4 <>:
>>>> In Guangxi China, the language spoken is Zhuang -
>>>> in this road sign for the character for the the first syllable of Napai
>>>> in Debao county, pronounced "na" is written using a character
>>>> from Extension
>>>> C which is approved and will come on line with in the next update of
>>>> unicode, this character will be U+2AF56.
>>>> U+2AF56 means a paddy field in Zhuang.>
>>> Since "na" is a future character, it doesn't make for a cogent argument
>>> today, but the other two are fine.
>> The 'na' charcter is already at stage 6 of the enocding process, which means
>> the codepoint can not be changed, and that is only a matter of when, I
>> expect some time in 2009, not if it becomes part of ISO10646.
> In fact ISO/IEC 10646:2003 Amd.5 (which incorporates CJK-C) was just
> published a few days ago, so the "na" character is no longer a "future
> character" but is available for use by any 10646 implementation.
> Unicode will be a little slow catching up because Unicode 5.2 has to
> wait for Amd.6 to complete its last round of technical balloting
> before it is ready for release.

Good to hear.

A number of font display Ext C incorrectly - Han Nom B has several
pua-type glyphs in Ext C. One font uses the earlier code points not
the final ones. I was thinking there needs to be a test page
somewhere. Is there a test-page yet for extension C?

John K

> Andrew

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