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"Christopher Fynn" <> wrote:
>There is another survey (all in Japanese) at
>I can't read Jpanese - but this survey also seems to indicate
>a fairly strong customer desire for more emoji.

Here is a rough translation, sorry for my poor English.


the people who were sent the questionarie: registered members of "MyVoice" site
the method to answer to quertionarie: web-based
the period of this survey: 2007/Jun/1st - 2007/Jun/5th
the number of answers: 13158

sex: male 6053 answers (46%), female 7105 answers (54%)
        10-19 years old, 239 answers
        20-29 years old, 2426 answers
        30-39 years old, 5110 answers
        40-49 years old, 3506 answers
        50- years old, 1877 answers

Q1: the carrier of your mobilephone
        docomo 43.3%
        au 28.7%
        softbank 19.8%
        willcom 2.4%
        other 0.7%
        (no mobilephone) 5.2%

Q2: do you use "emoji" when you write e-mail via mobilephone?
        yes, often 36.4%
        sometimes 42.0%
        no 19.4%
        don't know how to use "emoji" 2.1%
        (no answer) 0.2%

Q3: if you use "emoji", what kind of "emoji" do you use often?
        (an answer can include 3 groups in maximum)
        face 89.0%
        emotion 55.4%
        weather 27.8%
        symbol 26.2%
        transportations, buildings 21.3%
        animals 16.6%
        plants 8.4%
        tools 7.0%
        others 2.2%
        (no answer) 0.3%

Q4: what kind of "emoji" you want more variations?
        (an answer can include 3 groups in maximum)
        emotion 48.4%
        face 45.8%
        foods, drinks 24.8%
        tools 19.1%
        symbol 15.0%
        animals 14.5%
        plants 11.8%
        weather 5.1%
        others 3.6%
        (no shortage in current) 18.3%
        (no answer) 0.4%

Q5: are you satisfied with "emoji" in your mobilephone?

        fully satisfied 16.4%
        rather satisfied 42.5%
        undetermined 23.1%
        rather dissatisfied 14.3%
        dissatisfied 2.7%
        (no answer) 1.0%

Q6: if you're satisfied, why?

        the picture is cute 53.6%
        the picture is simple 31.6%
        the picture is colorful 30.6%
        moving emoji is cute 29.0%
        the wide variety of emoji 25.5%
        the monotone emoji is easy 11.0%
        (others) 4.6%
        (no answer) 1.0%

Q7: if you're dissatisfied, why?

        the variety of emoji is narrow 72.2%
        the design is worse than other carriers' emoji 34.9%
        the emoji (of my carrier) is not cute 29.0%
        the design of emoji is difficult for my eyes 15.1%
        (others) 8.1%
        (no answer) 1.1%

Detailed Comments in answers

from docomo users:
* female 26 years old: au's emoji is moving and more cute.
* female 26 years old: au's emoji is more varied.
* male 32 years old: docomo's emoji is monotonic and the design is difficult.
* female 36 years old: input method of emoji is difficult.
* male 45 years old: i want to design my own emoji.
* female 27 years old: the compatibility with other carriers is expected.
* female 19 years old: i want more moving emoji.
* male 29 years old: more variety of emoji is expected.

from au users:
* female 48 years old: au's emoji is the most cute (than other carriers)
* male 25 years old: the compatibility with other carriers is expected.
* male 31 years old: the input method should categorize emoji for easier input.
* female 27 years old: more emoji designed for matured people is expected.
* male 22 years old: the variety of emoji is too large to lookup.

from softbank users:
* female 34 years old: i want more moving emoji.
* male 33 years old: more face emoji to express delicate emotions.
* female 33 years old: more emoji which is compatible with other carriers.
* female 45 years old: i wish if there is a download service for extra emoji.
* male 42 years old: the needed emoji is only simple and legitimate emoji.

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