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From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Sat Dec 27 2008 - 02:09:43 CST

Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> Christopher Fynn wrote:
>> This What Japan Thinks survey
>> <>
>> is interesting. If this is to be beleived, it seems almost 80% of
>> Japanese cell phone users sometimes or often use emoji - but most of
>> these users are at best only "somewhat satisfied" with their emoji.
>> The major reason for satisfation given is that the "Pictures are
>> cute" while the major reason for disatiscation (72.2%) is that there
>> are only a "Few kinds of emoji".
>> My take on this is that it looks like there is ample reason for
>> carriers to want to expand or change this set. ...

> OK, that is a very interesting piece of information. It definitely
> implies that the set of emoji should be considered "open," that vendors
> are likely to want to add more of them. That probably is not in itself
> an argument against encoding, since the CJK repertoire is open also.
> But it is somewhat disturbing, since at least CJK glyphs get a certain
> amount of vetting by popular usage, and the really unpopular ones either
> drop out or at least get shunted off to some other plane.

There may be plenty more to encode - e.g.:

Some of the things in the Emoji proposal seem only a small step away
from these.

> Yaknow, it almost might be a good idea to put all the emoji (and
> emoticons?) in their own plane. Think about it: a plane whose job it is
> to provide cool cute pictures, 64K of characters to fill up, and
> implementations that don't need emoji will find it easier to ignore a
> higher plane.

Perhaps a "symbolic plane"?

- C

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