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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat Dec 27 2008 - 11:27:55 CST

Christopher Fynn <cfynn at gmx dot net> wrote:

> Will this now open the door to "characters" encoded in other
> proprietary / OEM standards?
> How about encoding the set of ISO 7001 Public Information Symbols?
> Or the set of 50 US DOT Pictograms?
> ...
> If Emoji are encoded, will Kaomoji and Kaoani (see e.g
> <>) be next?

There's no way for us to know. When the math alphabets and extended
sets of math symbols and musical symbols were encoded, it was stated
often and clearly that they were special cases and did not set a
precedent for anything. Now their presence is being used to justify the
emoji, by illustrating how the needs of plain text users evolve over
time and how Unicode's core principles must evolve with them.

People can state today that the encoding of emoji will not set a
precedent, but five years from now, who knows?

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