RE: Emoji: emoticons vs. literacy

From: James Kass (
Date: Fri Jan 02 2009 - 01:55:48 CST

Peter Constable wrote,

>It's also axiomatic that the data passed through a plain-text
>protocol is plain text, a sequence of abstract characters, however
>that data may have originated at the source or be processed at its
>> Let's consider the committee as organism for a moment...
>I think you're going to great lengths while missing some simple
>realities that UTC sees before it:
>- data exchanged in plain-text protocols consists solely of abstract
> characters

...including private use or user-defined characters which
would otherwise be unsuitable candidates for encoding.

>- the goal of the Universal Character Set is to be universal,
>implying (among other things) that any set of characters with
>significant usage in ICT industries must be considered potential
>candidates for encoding

...unless they are unsuited for plain text encoding because
of their very nature.

>UTC has been and remains fully aware of the potential quagmires
>that can be encountered by starting to accept arbitrary kinds of
>graphic objects for encoding as characters, and is determined *not*
>to go in that direction.

Then UTC should not be doing so.

>That, however, doesn't remove the aforementioned realities, and
>the way in which certain sectors of the ICT industry have thrust
>a *particular set* of graphic objects onto the world as abstract

How does allowing these things in now preclude other ICT industry
sectors from making their own icon sets and exchanging them via
plain-text protocols as private use characters?

>It's as simple as that; no need for elaborate self-preservation
>conspiracy theories.

Then let's dispense with the Machiavellian theories, no matter
how intriguing such plots might be. Let's suppose that instead
of a bunch of committee members sitting around conspiring, their
self-preservation instincts have kicked-in subconsciously and
their conscious minds are behaving accordingly.

>> Who is supporting the proposal? (Committee members unanimously,
>> and a few others.)

No change.

>> Who is opposing the proposal? (Independents, many of whom are
>> unpaid volunteers, or whose livelihood does not depend on the
>> encoding process.)

Substitute prestige for livelihood.

>This is a flame I'll chalk up to frustration. It would be a big
>stretch to suggest that people active in UTC are generally building
>their present and future livelihood on the encoding process.

Frustration is an accurate assessment.

Best regards,

James Kass

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