Re: Test - was Emoji: Klingon vs. emoji (was Re: Emoji survey)

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Jan 05 2009 - 17:28:09 CST

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    Shawn Steele wrote:
    > My message didn't make it, so I'm curious about the mail filter. Cc'ing Rick directly since the list doesn't seem to like my message. I'm guessing that it doesn't like the characters Outlook's sticking in the time stamp.

    You're talking about a message that was sent on Jan 2, right? I've made
    several adjustments in the server's mail configuration in several ways
    since then. I suspect your message didn't arrive because of a
    connection problem, not because of something in the message. Please try
    sending mail directly to me with whatever weird subject stuff you
    suspect, and then I'll track the incoming message.



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