Re: Word break tests

From: Daniel Ehrenberg (
Date: Wed Jan 07 2009 - 13:03:06 CST

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    I'm sorry, this was an error on my end. Ignore that message.

    On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Daniel Ehrenberg <> wrote:
    > I'm implementing UAX #29 word breaking (without tailoring). Right now,
    > I've implemented the algorithm except that I treat rules like
    > Numeric (MidNum | MidNumLet) Numeric
    > as
    > (MidNum | MidNumLet) Numeric
    > The funny thing is, though, that all unit tests in WordBreakTest.txt
    > pass. But a string like "foo: bar" segments as /foo:/ /bar/. By my
    > reading of the UAX, this is incorrect, and the correct word
    > segmentation would be /foo/:/ /bar/. For my own project, I'll add some
    > additional unit tests, unless I've misread the standard. It seems to
    > me like these tests should be added to the WordBreakTest.txt file, and
    > I'd be glad to supply them. Is this possible?
    > Dan

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