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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Tue Jan 13 2009 - 23:21:38 CST

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    Ruszlan Gaszanov <ruszlan at ather dot net> wrote:

    >> A hypothetical "Everycode" standard that encodes arbitrary bits of
    >> data certainly should include Unicode characters as a subset
    > I believe this format is more commonly known as "raw binary data" and
    > has been rumored to be in widespread use ever since the invention of
    > first electronic computers ;)

    "Raw binary data" isn't a structured standard. I was talking about a
    general-purpose data format, just as Michael D'Errico was, except that
    his suggestion was to extend UTF-8, whereas mine was to create an
    all-new format with one of the data components being Unicode characters.

    As an example, PNG has an "iTXt" chunk that consists partly of Unicode
    characters encoded in UTF-8. This is not at all the same as raw binary
    data into which some UTF-8 characters have been asynchronously thrown

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