Re: Obsolete characters

From: Andrew West (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 04:57:18 CST

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    2009/1/16 Christopher Fynn <>:
    >>> According to the information I have (extracting from UAX31 and UTF39
    >>> plus some heuristics on Unicode subheaders), the following are
    >>> archaic/obsolete characters (that is, not in customary modern use).

    There is a big difference between "archaic" and "obsolete". Archaic
    scripts and characters may be in common and widespread usage within
    certain user communities (e.g. many of the characters listed are in
    customary modern use by medievalists), whereas obsolete characters are
    characters which are no longer normally used by any user community
    because they have been deprecated or replaced (e.g. the Zhuang tone
    letters, although only dating back to the 1950s, are obsolete because
    a new orthography has superceded the original orthography).


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