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From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Sat Jan 17 2009 - 04:54:42 CST

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    Russ Stygall wrote:

    > Microsoft Word12

    What’s that? I suppose you mean Microsoft Office Word 2007, for which the
    name “Word 12” is sometimes used, as if Microsoft’s own numbering schemes
    weren’t confusing enough.

    > does not agree with UAX#14

    It’s very far from applying UAX #14. It doesn’t even use Unicode characters
    for optional and nonbreaking hyphen but its own special codes.

    It seems to treat U+2010 HYPHEN as a special character with no special line
    breaking features (no automatic line break after it).

    > unfortunately!

    I don’t think any software should implement UAX #14 as such, except programs
    specifically designed to test the effects of UAX #14. It is absurd, for
    example, to break the expression “-1” after the HYPHEN-MINUS character.

    Line breaking in word processors should primarily work by the rules of the
    language of the text—and use UAX #14 just in special cases, such as breaking
    a string containing special characters when needed (but not without
    discretion–for example, I don’t think it’s ever acceptable to break
    “/usr/var/spool/foobar” after the first occurrence of SOLIDUS.


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