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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2009 - 17:59:12 CST

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    "no longer customarily used in modern texts" is pretty much what archaic
    means. These are listed as Archaic in the Unicode book - if they are not, we
    should correct that (although it is unclear from your message).

    BTW, I added the blocks and subheaders to the Unicode Utilities, so, for
    example, the following lists all cases where the subhead contains the word

    If anyone cares about the details: [:subhead=/(?i)archaic/:] means the set
    of all characters whose subheader in Nameslist.txt contains the letters
    "archaic". The (?i) is regex syntax for a caseless comparison.


    On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 11:52, Aiet Kolkhi <> wrote:

    > > U+10F1 ( ჱ ) GEORGIAN LETTER HE
    > > U+10F2 ( ჲ ) GEORGIAN LETTER HIE
    > > U+10F3 ( ჳ ) GEORGIAN LETTER WE
    > > U+10F4 ( ჴ ) GEORGIAN LETTER HAR
    > > U+10F5 ( ჵ ) GEORGIAN LETTER HOE
    > > U+10F6 ( ჶ ) GEORGIAN LETTER FI
    > I do not think these Georgian characters can be considered obsolete.
    > True, they are no longer used frequently in modern texts, but they
    > have been massively used during the past 2000 years and are often used
    > in contemporary writings when quoting older proverbs or older texts.
    > U+10F6 ( ჶ ) has slightly shorter history though, as it was introduced
    > later and has been mainly used for foreign words. But still, I am not
    > sure we can consider it obsolete.
    > -
    > Aiet Kolkhi

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