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Date: Wed Jan 21 2009 - 15:56:24 CST

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    Leo Broukhis wrote:

    > Oops. Take that back, my hissing should be directed at Microsoft. It's
    > not Code2000, it's Times New Roman.

    I've checked the cmap table of Vista Times New Roman, and there is no
    mapping for U+1E9E. However, the font does not appear to contain a
    .notdef glyph, which is the normal display when a font does not support
    a character in the text string. It has an empty box glyph in the GID 0
    position of the font, which is where the .notdef glyph belongs, but this
    glyph is encoded as U+0000 and is called /uni0000/ in the post table, so
    will not be reliably treated as .notdef. I'm not sure why the
    application or browser is choosing to display the unsupported character
    as S with cedilla. It seems a pretty random choice.

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