Re: Urgent call for clarification of Armenian numbering rules

From: Julian Bradfield (
Date: Thu Jan 29 2009 - 10:28:46 CST

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    On 2009-01-29, Richard Ishida <> wrote:

    > 1. is 7000 expressed as Ւ U+0552 or ՈՒ U+0548 U+0552 ?

    According to Sanjian's article in Daniels & Bright "The World's
    Writing Systems", 7000 is Ւ. The digraph ՈՒ "iw" represents the vowel
    [u], and there is no suggestion that it has any numeric value.
    I suspect that is the source of the confusion - it
    may have mistaken dialectal differences in the linguistic use
    of the alphabet for actual differences in the alphabet.

    > 2. is an appropriate default for 'armenian' upper- or lowercase?

    Sanjian doesn't comment. A look at the Armenian Government website
    suggests the appropriate default is normal western numerals;-)

    Is there any suggestion that use of letters as numerals is not merely

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