Re: Urgent call for clarification of Armenian numbering rules

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Date: Thu Jan 29 2009 - 23:50:11 CST

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    De : "David Starner"

    > There's only one Infrared Space Observatory, so I don't know what
    > you're talking about ISO 1000 and ISO 31? Or do you mean film speeds,
    > in which case it makes no more sense? Or perhaps we should use common
    > sense and understanding instead of insisting that things must have one
    > universal translation.

    I think you don't realize that the MAIN topic of this list is about discussing the implementation and use of "ISO"
    10646. How many observatories or cameras are needed to complete the tasks discussed in this list ? If you still
    don't see what ISO means here, it's highly probable that you have never read any iota about what is Unicode.

    Hint: neither the Infrared Space Observatory is commonly known as ISO (so it is not common sense), nor are ISO a
    unit of measure for film sensitity (this is effectievly a abuse of language, coming from an international standard
    for photographs that defined some rules an an "ISO" document, but forgotting to name the standard completely with
    its number which is NOT a measure).

    So consider visiting first the "" site to know what is "ISO" first (and how it effectively differs from
    "OSI" which is an unrelated private organisation), then consider seeking for information about ISO 10646, then read
    the Unicode standard, look for the variosu resources in the Unicode website to see if some of them can help you
    understand and solve some of your problems, then come back to this list only when you'll be sure that your messages
    (questions or replies) will be on topic.

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