Re: Urgent call for clarification of Armenian numbering rules

From: Richard Ishida (
Date: Fri Jan 30 2009 - 10:55:47 CST

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    > "Is there any suggestion that use of letters as numerals is not merely
    > historical?"
    > Armenian books still use the letters-as-numerals for page numbers.
    > Otherwise, to my knowledge, this system is obsolete.

    I've been struggling to find examples, partly because I don't read Armenian, partly because it's difficult to search for something meaningful, but probably also because not many people know that it works yet, but it's in use here for what that's worth. But I did also see a list using created with this numbering system on a web page talking containing contemporary text and without using <li> tags (ie. by putting the numbers at the beginnings of paragraphs), so they must have really have wanted to use it. I noted that it was using lowercase numerals.


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