Draft proposal for inclusion of the Chinook script in Unicode

From: vanisaac@boil.afraid.org
Date: Tue Feb 10 2009 - 22:34:50 CST

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    Ever since I saw Chinook on the SMP roadmap, I've been dabbling with a proposal for including the Chinook script. The link below is what I have right now (along with about 3MB of gif images on my harddrive), and I'm looking for criticism, help, praise, and thoughts as to the wisdom of proceeding.


    PS, If anyone has subscription access to the digital library Early Canadiana Online (canadiana.org), I would appreciate your assistance in obtaining some of their archived scans of the Wawa texts in the Chinook script. The Library of Congress has been annoyingly vague about the cost and possibility of obtaining scans of texts from their rare book collection.

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