RE: Emoji: Public Review December 2008: e-1DE CHINESE ZODIAC DRAGON

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Mar 10 2009 - 21:11:15 CST

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    >> It does not matter what Japanese telecoms are using them for.
    > Actually, it does.
    >> It must
    >> be understood that once any of these characters are encoded, they
    >> CEASE to be "emoji" symbols,
    > No, they don't.
    >> and are just plain old Symbols for Use By
    >> Anybody who wants to use the Universal Character set.
    > They may *additionally* be interpreted as plain old symbols
    > for arbitrary use by anybody else, to mean whatever they
    > think they should mean. But such use is buyer-beware when
    > picked out of sets encoded for other purposes.

    I completely agree with Ken in this. For instance, the visual rendering of the characters in the Japanese telecoms contexts may vary considerably, and may not necessarily stay within the limits of what such a user has in mind. They absolutely need to be aware that implementation of these characters is very much impacted by the context from which they originated, Japanese telecoms.


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