Re: India seeks Rupee status symbol

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Wed Mar 11 2009 - 04:48:43 CST

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    Den 2009-03-11 01.29, skrev "Asmus Freytag" <>:

    > The rupee being used in different countries, it would be an exceedingly
    > bad idea to modify the glyph.
    > The character code doesn't encode the function, it encodes the graphic
    > symbol. When that changes to a different graphic symbol, you need a new
    > character.
    > There's an archiving aspect to this that you seem to not be aware of. In
    > the digital age, documents exist that contain just a font style and a
    > plaint text character code. When these documents are reproduced years
    > later, you do not want their appearance to be magically altered, just
    > because a bad decision in the character coding community forced all
    > fonts to be updated.

    But it would be a good idea to fix/update the fonts that currently show an
    "Rp"-like glyph for the RUPEE SIGN to show an "Rs"-like glyph; especially
    since the RUPEE SIGN has a compatibility decomposition into "Rs" (<compat>
    0052 0073) (note: there is no FULL STOP in the compatibility decomposition).

        /kent k

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