Re: Emoji: Public Review December 2008: e-1DE CHINESE ZODIAC DRAGON

From: Leo Broukhis (
Date: Wed Mar 11 2009 - 11:00:30 CST

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    I see that the discussion has become quite heated, and for whatever
    reason centered on the RABBIT symbol that is inequivocally in a zodiac
    set (regardless of the Linnaean classification of the prototype

    My point was that the list of animals in the proposed set happens to
    cover all Eastern zodiacs with very little liberty taken (MOUSE - rat,
    COW - ox/buffalo, SHEEP - ram/goat, CHICKEN - rooster), and it that it
    might be a good idea - seeing that the Japanese carriers, presuming
    they know the Japanese culture better than we do, felt no need to
    separate "mouse" from "rat", etc. - to annotate *these four*
    characters, thus widening their semantics.


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