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Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 10:17:53 CST

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    Dear Marion,

    As per the second call, it is Meeting # 54 from 2009-04-20/04-24 hosted by
    the Irish National body (NSAI) at the Centre for Next Generation
    Localisation (Dublin City University) in Dublin, Ireland.


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    Dear Erkki,

    Please state the precise date of the meeting in Dublin to which your msg
    (below) refers, because people I know in Hungary mine might be in
    Ireland then and may wish to participate, as they were not given a
    chance to do so yet.


    Erkki I. Kolehmainen:
    > Dear All,
    > There are presently three quite different proposals for the encoding
    > of Old Hungarian (with various names):
    > N3566 by Gábor Bakonyi (revision of N3526), N3531 by Michael Everson
    > and André Szabolcs Szelp, and N3527 by Gábor Hosszzú.
    > It was agreed in the Hong Kong meeting that there would have to be
    > cooperation between the proposers before WG2 could seriously consider
    > the encoding of the script. Far too little has happened to meet this
    > requirement.
    > Outside WG2, we did organize an ad hoc on Old Hungarian at the CEN
    > TC304 meeting in Vienna on November 5, 2008. The participants were
    > Michael Everson (Ireland), Christian Galinski (Austria), Gábor Hosszú
    > (Hungary), Adam Joó (Hungary), Erkki I. Kolehmainen (Finland), Marc
    > Wilhelm Küster (chair), Karl Pentzlin (Germany), and Roman Grahle
    > (secretary).
    > The relevant resolution (9/2008) was: Subject: Encoding of the Rovas
    > script - "TC304 encourages the different parties to attempt to find
    > consensus on the character repertoire prior to discussing details of
    > character encoding for the Rovas script (unanimous)".
    > Unfortunately, this has not led to any real results. Michael Everson
    > had prepared the document N3532 "Mapping between Old Hungarian
    > proposals in N3531, N3527, and N3526", but it seems to have been
    > essentially ignored by the other parties.
    > Although I won't participate in the next (Dublin) meeting, I find the
    > situation close to intolerable to the participants from the various
    > National Bodies. I'd like to propose that an ad hoc be set up early in
    > the meeting with the clear objective to agree on either one proposal
    > for processing at the meeting or at least the way forward to come up
    > with a processable proposal for the following meeting.
    > Sincerely, Erkki
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