Re: Attack vectors through Unassigned Code Points in IDN

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 20:39:38 CST

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    Mac OS X uses font fallbacks (unless the program specifically tells it
    not to), so if you have *any* font that covers a particular character,
    you'll see something. I saw Last Resort glyphs, so no font (other
    than the Last Resort font, which covers everything) I have installed
    covers that particular character. In this particular case, I'm pretty
    much limited to the standard fonts that ship with Mac OS X and Apple

    And I don't mean that you installed the font incorrectly. I mean that
    an installed font is doing something it shouldn't (IMHO) do.

    On Mar 18, 2009, at 8:17 PM, Chris Weber wrote:

    > I've looked on three systems, two Mac's - one is a colleagues, and
    > one is my
    > wife's which I don't do any funky stuff on. And on my Windows
    > system, I
    > looked at these in 'all' available fonts I have. Most of the fonts
    > installed showed empty whitespace, including Arial Unicode MS,
    > Courier New,
    > Lucida Sans Unicode, and Everson Mono. Some fonts, not many, showed
    > boxes
    > Do you know which font you used and could you try a few more on
    > Mac? How
    > does system and application configuration determine which font
    > displays a
    > character when many fonts are capable?
    > When you say you think I have a font installed incorrectly on these
    > three
    > systems, do you mean the font is the problem or the way it's
    > installed is
    > the problem?
    > -Chris
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    > On Mar 18, 2009, at 4:23 PM, Chris Weber wrote:
    >> My question is - why would these code point ranges U+115A..U+1160
    >> and U+11A3..U+11A7 render as white space in Mac and Windows? This
    >> isn't just a product of Firefox, which I agree handles this poorly.
    >> In any application (e.g. notepad) they show as white space. I
    >> would expect them to map to a box or other no-glyph-exists fallback.
    > On my Mac they are not white space. It looks like you have a font
    > installed that (incorrectly IMHO) uses a blank glyph to display them.
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