RE: Attack vectors through Unassigned Code Points in IDN

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 09:18:11 CST

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    For CJK, the system locale setting is a factor in what happens in the GDI text stack. This is old behavior.

    Also, how text is drawn can affect behaviour. For instance, if you were to select a font such as Papyrus or Mangal that doesn't support Greek or Cyrillic or Latin other than cp1252 but try drawing such text using ExtTextOut, then you'll get boxes (.notdef). Also, different text stacks such as GDI+, WPF and DirectWrite have their own fallback behaviours.


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    Is there anyway for users to to control which font Windows falls back to
    for particular Unicode ranges?

    For some blocks the fall-back font seems to be the first font installed
    with coverage for that particular range - but in other cases something
    else seems to determine the selection.

    - Chris

    Peter Constable wrote:
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    >> but apparently there are fonts on
    >> Vista (batang.ttc and gulim.ttc) that have blank glyphs defined for
    >> U+115A-U+115E.
    > How right you are.
    > And how bizarre.
    > Peter

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