Re: Byzantine ekpohonetic neumes: any free font?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Mar 27 2009 - 12:01:31 CST

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    > I have re-read both texts several time, but

    The key text in Unicode regarding Byzantine musical symbols
    is: "These rules... are the responsibility of higher-level

    > I still don't understand
    > why are ekphonetic neumes of "Symbol, Other" [So] category, while
    > hebrew "accents" are "Mark, Nonspacing" [Mn] even if both are used
    > exactly the same way.
    > Please, note that the ekphonetic neumes are NOT "musical symbols" like
    > the western are, they are bound to the text and CANNOT occur without
    > the text...

    The people who pushed the Byzantine Musical Symbols into
    the standard prematurely provided no information whatsoever
    on how text and music would be represented using this
    set of characters. The only feasible response to that
    was to define the *entire* set as consisting of symbolic
    blorts to be manipulated by a higher-level protocol
    that understands Byzantine musical layout. And that includes
    the various accents intended to be used with letters.


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