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From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Sun Mar 29 2009 - 05:08:04 CST

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    Rick wrote:
    > Karl wrote:
    > > as in the context of the concurrent use of the script
    > > with the Latin script, there especially names written
    > > in Latin must be able to be represented uniquely
    > > and reversibly in the Old Hungarian script, not
    > > confined to names which are inherently Hungarian.
    > I don't think that has ever been a goal of the Old Hungarian encoding, any more
    > than for other scripts.

    Exactly. I also have to comment on the German proposals for change.
    The inclusion of the precomposed ligatures for Latin letters cannot be
    justified by transcribing names.
    After all, you also transcribe John as Джон into Russian Cyrillic
    (even though there is a letter Џ!) and write Jeltsin for Елцин.

    It is our position, that it is not only idiosyncratic to encode those
    pre-composed letters, but also that they can be adequately and
    unambigously represent by the K-ZWJ-SZ, V-ZWJ-V and similar

    This is also the position which our document represents, possibly
    implicitly, and I'll investigate whether to make this more explicit in
    a future version.

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