RE: Oxford proposes a leaner alphabet

From: Richard Ishida (
Date: Wed Apr 08 2009 - 14:19:21 CDT

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    Actually, I think some of my Bhutanese friends are way ahead of them in terms of spelling reform. A couple of examples to hand:

    Hey, how have u been? din hear frm u for long time.....where r u? how is ur family?.....keep in touch

    how r u? n how was ur journey back home? i hope u reached home back
    to ur family safely. here we all r fine n missin all of u.
             thank u very much for the pictures. m praying for the same
    conference to be held sooon so tht all of us can come together
    again.....hope to c u soon in future..

    Seems pretty common orthographic style amongst them.


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