proposal for a "Standard-Exit" or "Namespace" character

From: Dennis Heuer (
Date: Mon Apr 13 2009 - 17:25:12 CDT

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    unicode provides quite a lot of fancy characters not really fitting or
    placed well (mainly because of the growing base). the newest candidate
    is the "soccer" character. why not! but, unicode will not be able to
    fulfill all needs in this respect. this is why, i think, there will
    always be the need for parallel character sets--and this is good
    so. it is also good for unicode because (sets of) code blocks could be
    kept outside the official standard for much longer before they are
    'really' ready for inclusion (occupying precious space in the character
    map). this is why i think that unicode should support the inclusion (or
    embedding) of other character sets. it should not know about them and
    how to specify them. this is the matter of a different standard. (the
    easiest way is to name or number them offcially.) however, it should
    provide a character to mark the position at which unicode is 'closed'
    or 'left'.

    dennis heuer

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