Re: proposal for a "Standard-Exit" or "Namespace" character

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Apr 13 2009 - 20:51:07 CDT

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    Dennis Heuer <dh at triple dash media dot com> wrote:

    > the character-space key should not be the escape key for 'good
    > reasons' (i prefer hints or links instead of those comments, btw.).
    > it's always the escape key! i think the escape key dreams of escaping
    > its special role every night. the escape key is used most ambiguously
    > of all common characters.

    Try not to think in terms of "keys" when talking about the things
    encoded in Unicode or any other coded character set. The Escape key is
    not always associated with the character U+001B. Its use is dependent
    on operating system and application. In most Windows apps, it does not
    generate a character at all.

    > escape codes are ambiguous too because of the many existing. this is
    > why unicode specifies that 'if' ISO-2022 is used (...). this is not
    > what i mean. i mean a special character that, in all cases, states
    > that now another character set is used and the program will not be
    > capable of printing senseful text if it doesn't support character
    > spaces. this shall be clear and always valid up to eternity and by no
    > means relativated by an 'if'. the character is not to be used
    > otherwise, and the program may print an error. escape sequences,
    > instead, are generally just filtered out.

    Providing a mechanism to switch from one character set to another is the
    job of ISO 2022, not of any individual character set. Try reading it
    again. Give yourself a bit of time.

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