Re: proposal for a "Standard-Exit" or "Namespace" character

From: Johannes Rössel (
Date: Tue Apr 14 2009 - 03:09:17 CDT

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    Dennis Heuer wrote:
    > ISO-10646
    > was invented to solve problems instead of carrying them out with
    > "lightweight" propositions.

    It was conceived to solve a different problem than the one you have.
    Unicode, apart from some backwards-compatible decisions, never tried to
    replace markup for text formatting. You'd have to look elsewhere for
    that (and most widespread markup languages really already do a decent
    job on that). If plain text in shell scripts or elsewhere in terminals
    is your concern then go with ISO/IEC 6429, but don't be surprised if
    most of the formatting options there aren't implemented by terminal
    emulators. But then again, in those environments Unicode still has its
    share of problems, do you really think some kind of weird mini-markup
    language within Unicode would catch on within the next few days, weeks
    or even years?


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