Emoji proposal to be revised for Dublin?

From: Andreas Stötzner (as@signographie.de)
Date: Tue Apr 14 2009 - 06:01:24 CDT

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    > N36007 is obviously not ready to go on a ballot - but the points it
    > makes already are sufficient to say that N3583 needs to be changed.
    > N3614 acknowledges that some things in N3583 could be changed for the
    > better and to save time the proposers should make those changes asap.
    > If they make the changes in the next week and they can be discussed at
    > Dublin, if not then it waits until the Japan WG2 for them to be
    > discussed. There are revised proposals on the agenda for Dublin, and
    > as to those proposals in need of revision then it is a case of saying
    > please submit your revised proposal at the earliest possible date to
    > avoid disappointment.  
    > John

    I suggest to follow that line.


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