Re: Entering quotation marks (derives from Re: proposal for a "Standard-Exit" or "Namespace" character)

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Date: Wed Apr 15 2009 - 19:59:26 CDT

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    "William_J_G Overington" <wjgo underscore 10009 at btinternet dot com>

    > Suppose that someone is wishing to enter the following text, which
    > includes eleven punctuation characters, into Microsoft WordPad.
    > “I saw Jane at the supermarket, in the fruit section: she said ‘Is
    > John still researching?’ and bought a punnet of reddish-orange
    > apricots; then she bought some dates!” said Edith.
    > What would be the best way to do that?

    If it's me, I just type them, using the keyboard layout I defined with
    Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. All four of the non-Basic Latin
    characters in William's message, as well as the others that Jukka used,
    are available as single AltGr keystrokes. The keyboard is totally
    compatible with the U.S. English layout, except for the right Alt key
    which is now an AltGr. I use it every day, at home and at work.

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