Re: Localizable Sentences Experiment (derives from Re: [Emoji] Symbols for Two-letter Codes)

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Thu Apr 16 2009 - 06:55:12 CDT

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    Oops, when I sent the email it seems to have truncated at the U+F9001 character.

    Here is a transcript of the rest of the message.

    I do not know whether it will reach you through the internet connections.
    I have also saved the character in a Unicode Text Document from WordPad and I am attaching the file.
    William Overington
    16 April 2009
    Well, I hope the U+F9001 character in the file attached to the email reached you correctly.
    On Thursady 16 April 2009, William_J_G Overington> wrote:
    > On Wednesday 15 April 20009, Johannes Bergerhausen
    > <> wrote to Michael Everson:
    > > Yes, please, send me what you like.
    > If I may, I would like to send you a Private Use Area
    > character as follows.
    > Hopefully in the future there will be a regular Unicode
    > implementation of this code and there will be email software
    > such that someone in England can select the message Good Day
    > from a cascading menu system and the regular Unicode
    > character will be included in the email: then the email
    > would be received by someone in Germany and his or her email
    > software would display the message Guten Tag on the screen.
    > (I hope that I have the correct translation, though I am not
    > certain of that.)
    > There could be other localizable sentence characters as
    > well.
    > Readers are invited to experiment using the Private Use
    > Area.  In some ways it might be easier to use plane 0
    > Private Use Area codes, though if plane 15 Private Use Area
    > codes are used then experience of how a system encoded in
    > regular Unicode might work could be obtained.
    > I am thinking that a few questions could be added and a few
    > answers as well.  Maybe people could ask about the weather
    > and receive a reply.  It could be a fun experiment and could
    > perhaps become implemented in actual use.
    > Yet for the moment I am going to try to send a U+F9001
    > character.
    > I have now generated it in WordPad.
    > I have now copied it onto the clipboard and pasted it into
    > SC UniPad and verified that the character has been correctly
    > generated.
    > I am going to try to send the character to you in two ways.
    > Here is the character pasted into this email.

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