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Date: Sat Apr 18 2009 - 19:06:28 CDT

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    2009/4/18 Peter Constable <>:
    > Not 100% true. These fonts are encoded in a encoding called "symbol" -- which means a font-specific encoding. The Symbol encoding uses a 16-bit representation in the fonts, and typically fonts have characters mapped from F020 to F0FF. It looks a lot like Unicode PUA, though strictly speaking it is not.

    Not 100% true either according to


    Non-Standard (Symbol) Fonts

    Non-standard fonts such as Symbol or Wingdings(tm) have special
    requirements for Microsoft platforms. These requirements affect the
    'cmap,' 'name,' and 'OS/2' tables; the requirements and
    recommendations for all other tables remain the same.

    For non-standard fonts on Microsoft platforms, however, the 'cmap' and
    'name' tables must use platform ID 3 (Microsoft) and encoding ID 0
    (Unicode, non-standard character set).

    The Microsoft 'cmap' subtable (platform 3, encoding 0) must use format
    4. The character codes should start at 0xF000, which is in the Private
    Use Area of Unicode.


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