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From: Andrew West (
Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 08:56:19 CDT

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    2009/4/19 Peter Constable <>:
    >> whereby [Windows] adds an extra mapping layer from F020..F0FF in the font to
    >> ASCII codepoints if the font has a symbol encoding.
    > Not 100% true. GDI will map *some range* to ASCII code points based on the code points used in the font. (At least, it worked this way back in Win98; I haven't checked this since but I really doubt it has changed.) You can construct a font with a format 4 cmap set to platform ID 3, encoding ID 0 but with code points ranging from, say, E020..E0FF, and GDI will map "J" to E04A.

    Perhaps you can try that. I just modified wingdings so that the glyphs
    for F04A..F04C map to E0FA..E0FC, and I can't get WordPad to display
    anything in the new font, either in the ASCII or PUA range. Certainly
    I would be very surprised if what you said about Windows mapping any
    range to ASCII was true. I am sure that it must be a fixed range of
    characters in the PUA.


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