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Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 10:53:09 CDT

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    Andrew West <andrewcwest at gmail dot com> wrote:

    > Excuse me, but that is ridiculous. The apparent ASCII encoding of the
    > text is an extra layer added by Windows (GDI or whatever). Symbol text
    > (e.g. "JKL" rendered with Wingdings as smiling/neutral/frowning faces)
    > may appear to be encoded in ASCII in certain (even most) Windows
    > applications, but it is not guaranteed that such a plain text file
    > will render as symbolic text when the Wingdings font is applied under
    > all operating systems or under all applications running on Windows
    > (e,g, BabelMap will not show "JKL" with Wingdings as faces unless
    > explicitly requested to do so). Therefore it is not an ASCII encoding
    > of <smiling face><neutral face><frowning face>.

    In fairness, when I typed "JKL" into BabelPad BETA F and changed
    from "Composite Font" to Wingdings, I did see the faces. So there is a
    hack going on in GDI or elsewhere within Windows, not just in Microsoft

    I've kind of lost track of where this was headed. Peter, would it be
    fair to say that glyphs in the Wingdings font family are "mapped to
    16-bit values that correspond to Unicode PUA code points?" Would that
    be more acceptable than saying they are mapped to the PUA?

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