Re: Chinese forced to change their name hanzi

From: Benjamin M Scarborough (
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 15:17:01 CDT

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    Andrew West wrote:
    > The character in question is actually 𩧢

    I'm afraid I must disagree with you! If you'll look more closely at the
    image included in the article, you'll find that the hanzi in Ms. Ma's
    name uses the simplified form of the horse radical (马) rather than the
    traditional form (馬).

    The character in Ms. Ma's name is NOT currently included in Unicode! In
    fact, it is not present in Extension C (which JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 has
    already appended to ISO 10646), nor is it present in the most recent
    review versions of CJK_D or CJK_URGENT (as seen on the IRG's document

    With a character like this not supported by Unicode (and thus, not by
    GB 18030), it's easy to see why it would raise a fuss.

    Now the real question is: does this give the character enough usage to
    be added to Unicode?

    (As a side note, I would like to point out that's
    radical-stroke lookup will not return anything with the radical 马 for
    no readily apparent reason.)

    --Ben Scarborough

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