Re: Chinese forced to change their name hanzi

From: William J Poser (
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 17:47:21 CDT

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    I disagree with the claim that the character in question is not
    in Unicode. The character in question is the character that Ms.
    Ma's grandfather found in classical texts, which is traditional
    horse writen three times in a row, encoded as U+299E2. This character
    has no simplified version unless we count U+9A01. The obvious
    simplification consisting of the simplified version of U+99AC,
    namely, U+9A6C, written three times in a row, has not, hitherto,
    existed. The version on Ms. Ma's temporary ID card is a nonce
    character that she and some bureaucrat negotiated. (I wouldn't
    be surprised if what she really would like is indeed but that
    the bureaucrat wouldn't go that far.) Those claiming that the
    character is not yet encoded are making the false assumption that
    the character that she wants and/or the character that has a chance
    of being accepted by the Chinese government, is a particular
    simplfication of U+299E2.


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